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Incorrect bike fit is the most common cause of cycling related pain, injury and poor performance.

You are the engine of your bike and need maintenance and tuning for optimal performance and injury prevention. Let us fit your bike to you, not you to your bike.

During a Physio Bike Fit we take a thorough medical history, injury history and sports history.  We will discuss with you in detail about the type of cycling that you do and what you feel your limitations are.  We perform a full physical examination and biomechanical injury screening before getting you on your bike on our turbo trainer.


We use slow motion video analysis and biomechanical data to enable us to modify your bike set up to optimise your riding position to reduce any pain that you are experiencing, reduce your risk of injury and enhance performance. You will be prescribed an individualised exercise programme to correct problems highlighted as well as strength and conditioning exercises to improve your cycling performance.   


Physio Rider Assessment

If you have had a bike fit but would like to have an assessment to understand how you can improve your flexibility, core stability and muscle imbalance to improve your cycling performance and reduce injury risk then we can perform a ‘Physio Rider Assessment’. This is included in our Physio Bike Fit assessment, but can be done separately.