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Massage is manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues of the body to reduce tension, stretch ligaments and tendons to keep them flexible, flush out toxins and promote balance in the body and mind.  Massage employs pain-relieving techniques, including: deep and soft-touch massage; soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, and neuromuscular and trigger point massage to alleviate pain and remedy muscular problems. Massage has been shown to release endorphins and boost levels of serotonin and dopamine which are your natural feel good hormones and promote relaxation, healing and pain management.

Either at work or at play excess seems to be the norm and an excess generally leads to overload, which often manifests as stress. Stress can affect not only mood, but has a massive strain on all of our body systems, resulting in fatigue, illness, muscular aches and injuries, and an impaired immune system. Clinical studies have also shown a reduction in cortisol (a stress hormone) following massage which allows the body to enter a relaxing rest-and-recovery mode­: an effect that lingers long after the massage is over.

Massage can be used to prepare the body for strenuous physical activity, or to assist the body in recovering from the after-effects from exercise and sports. Other benefits include: improved circulation, improve the condition of skin and muscle, improve joint mobility, reduced oedema and stimulate digestion.  Massage can also help with uplifting your emotional state and may also help reduce insomnia.

Examples of Massage appointments include:

   - Can aid in three areas of your training; recovery, rehabilitation and prevention.

    - a more gentle massage for a more relaxing experience

    - will target the key problem areas to relax tight muscles and ease tension leaving you feeling re-energised

    - deep manipulation of the soft and connective tissues of the body leading to relief from         acute or chronic muscular pain, an increase in joint mobility and improved circulation

    - improves circulation to release the lactic acid accumulation in your muscles and bring       oxygen and nutrients rich blood to your damaged muscles to accelerate healing

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