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We can help you prepare for your holiday with a comprehensive Ski/Board Fit Assessment.  

Different styles of skiing and snowboarding place different demands on the body.  We take a thorough history of your winter sports experience and the type of activity that you do.  We take a full medical history and carry out a thorough physical examination to screen for possible injuries that you may be susceptible to. We assess your joint range of movement, muscle power, muscle length, balance, core stability, flexibility and more. We then provide an individualised exercise programme to try and correct any issues that we find. This will enable you to be in the best possible condition prior to you holiday in order to reduce the risk of injury and maximize your performance and enjoyment.  

We recommend that you try and have a Ski/Board Fit assessment at least 6 weeks prior to your winter sports holiday, but ideally as early as possible. This should give you sufficient time to implement your personalised exercise programme to optimise your ski/board fitness.  Don’t worry if you have left it a little too late, we can still provide a thorough assessment a advise you on the key issues to focus on to reduce your risk of injury.