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Sport Specific Physio Assessments

As well as treating sports injuries we can help prevent them. By assessing your strength, balance, proprioception, muscle length and other factors specific to your sport, such as gait and equipment set up, we can identify problem areas and implement a treatment regime. This can help prevent injuries and also potentially improve your performance.

We can do this for any sport, for example swimming, tennis, hockey, golf…. But the three most popular are running, cycling and Skiing/Snow boarding, which is why they have dedicated pages.

The assessment consists of a 1 hour session with a Physio which will include a thorough physical assessment, gait and movement video analysis, muscle length, muscle strength and joint testing - looking for instability, muscle imbalance, meniscal (cartilidge) defects, impingement, ligament instability eg cruciate (ACL/PCL), pathology eg degenerative conditions such as Osteo arthritis.

At the end of your session you will have an understanding of any problems and almost certainly a regime to improve your performance. There may be a recommendation for further physiotherapy input or massage therapy. If this will be covered by your insurance e can assist for example, by writing to your GP requesting a referral if that is needed by your insurer.

If you are interested in a Sports Specific Physio Assessment or wonder if we can help with  your training, performance or with a recurring injury, please call us for a chat on 01923 283845.

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